Upgrading MapD Core DatabaseΒΆ

To upgrade MapD Core Database, stop the servers, expand the tar file to replace the MapD application, rename the file, then restart the servers.

  1. Download the MapD TAR file to the parent directory of $MAPD_PATH.

  2. In a terminal window, go to your $MAPD_PATH directory.

  3. Stop the mapd_web_server and mapd_server.

    sudo systemctl stop mapd_web_server
    sudo systemctl stop mapd_server
  4. Go to the parent directory of $MAPD_PATH.

  5. Rename or delete the current MapD application directory.

  6. Expand the archive of the new version of MapD Core Database.

    tar -xvf <file-name>.tar.gz

    Replacing <file-name> with the name of the archive file.

  7. Rename the new application directory to the name in your $MAPD_PATH variable. For example, mapd.

  8. Go to your $MAPD_PATH directory and start the servers.

    cd $MAPD_PATH
    sudo systemctl start mapd_server
    sudo systemctl start mapd_web_server