Importing ShapesΒΆ

You can import shape definition data into the MapD Core Database using MapD Immerse. Supported formats include .kml, .geojson, and .shp (which requires that you upload a group of three files with the extensions .shp, .shx, and .dbf).

To import a shape:

  1. Open MapD Immerse.
  2. Click New Dashboard.
  3. Click Import Data.
  4. Click the large + icon to select files for upload, or drag and drop the files to the Data Importer screen.
  5. Wait for the uploads to complete (indicated by green checkmarks on the file icons), then click Import Files.
  6. On the Table Preview screen, edit column headers (if needed), enter a name for the table in the field at the bottom of the screen, and click Save Table.
  7. On the Table Metadata screen, verify the rows and columns that comprise your data table.