Exporting Data


COPY ( <SELECT statement> ) TO '<file path>' [WITH (<property> = value, ...)];

<file path> must be a path on the server. This command exports the results of any SELECT statement to the file. There is a special mode when <file path> is empty. In that case, the server automatically generates a file in <MapD Directory>/mapd_export that is the client session id with the suffix .txt.

<property> in the optional WITH clause can be:

  • delimiter: a single-character string for the delimiter between column values. The default is ",", i.e., as a CSV file.
  • nulls: a string pattern indicating a field is NULL. The default is \N.
  • escape: a single-character string for escaping quotes. The default is the quote character itself.
  • quoted: 'true' or 'false' indicating whether all the column values should be output in quotes. The default is 'false'.
  • quote: a single-character string for quoting a column value. The default quote character is double quote ".
  • line_delimiter a single-character string for terminating each line. The default is "\n".
  • header: 'true' or 'false' indicating whether to output a header line for all the column names. The default is 'true'.


COPY (SELECT * FROM tweets) TO '/tmp/tweets.csv';
COPY (SELECT * tweets ORDER BY tweet_time LIMIT 10000) TO
  '/tmp/tweets.tsv' WITH (delimiter = '\t', quoted = 'true', header = 'false');